Friday, 5 November 2010

Amaterasu vs Susanoo

Ayo!!! what up nukkas? Im back!, and in a feat of unprecedented evil I've managed to set the gods at war with one another!!! (cue the dramatic lightening) Mwahhahaha!!!
This is my latest evil masterpiece, Titled "Amaterasu vs Susanoo" based on the tales of the two Japanese gods who had a notoriously stormy sibling relationship (Susanoo being the god of the sea and storms, and Amaterasu his sister the god of the sun), which i produced for the Red Shoes collective, along with this header based on Susanoo.
enjoy!... im out! The evil genius ( god of war )

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Can't touch the lion paw!!

Ayo!!! wot up minions? Recently one of my attempts at world domination from earlier this year has surfaced on the web, courtesy of Crom, which was the result of an animated collaboration between the two of us. The piece titled "lion dance" was produced as an ident for channel 7 media during my time their, and is based on the Chinese lion dances. Have a look at the still from the actual animation, and if you would like to see the full animation follow the link bellow.... Can't touch the lion!!!!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The evil genius!

Ayo!! the genius been at work, but it has come to my attention that i am far better suited to life as a super villain than as a regular genius (cue the dramatic lightening!!), so from now on i shall refer to myself as... The evil genius!! Mwahhahaha!! (more dramatic lightening!!)... in other news here are some evil looking shots from my sketchbook... enjoy, or dont!! ( im a villain i take pride in cold words!)

Gavin looking super evil and creating evil musical madness!!!!!!

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Renaldho AKA "The Evil Genius" Mwahhahaha!!!

Friday, 24 September 2010

Geist The'abstract

Yo wot up!!!! im bac again!!! wen it rains nukka's! wen it rains! this a quick post to send a shout out to my neph Geist ! he spits that hot fire mayn!!!! so listen out for him in the near future!!
this his new logo design by The Genius, enjoy yourself!!!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Murder . Money . Sex

Yo Yo Yo wassup nukkas!!!! I kno I kno I kno, the haters are gonna say its been 5 month since i last made a post, and it is, WHAT!!! im just tryna show u that i dont have to show you ne love if i dnt want to!!! lol just playin. So to the business of what i have been doing for the last 5 month, i could lie and say i been working hard on my graphic novel and bits of other illustrations, but our relationship is well past that at this stage so ima give you the truth, Murder Money Sex...
I hope you like it...

Oh and before i go again for 6 month keep your eye out for some shot of the graphic novel in the close ( well close ish... ) future.

peace out!

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Picture me rollin'

ayo!!!! wot up peeps, as you may remember, i told you that ive been working as an intern at channel 7 media, and as well i have been producing wortk for our collective Red Shoes Collective, so in summary ive been a very busy lad recently lol, but i thought that i would take a minute out to show you mo fo's what i have been producing.

Recently i completed a project with the red shoes ( in amidst the chaos of projects ive been working on for Channel 7 Media) which was to design a skate deck, so here's a peak of what i came up with.

If you like what you see and you want to see the full finished design then head over to the red shoes collective blog and check it out, and also take a look at the other designs (some crazy designs there!!! real gangsta shyt!) follow the link bellow... an remember nukkas, Picture me rollin'!!!!

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Do what you love, Love what you do

Yo whats up to all of my loyal followers (all 4 of ya lol, i really need to work on the numbers in this bitch lmao), just a quick post to let you all know that i havent abandoned my post as the genius, i just been snowed under these last few weeks. Im sure all of you know that i started an internship at the studio where cris works recently, well things are going extremely well for me there, i love design work just as much as i knew i would, its a beautiful feelin to do what you love! Well as for work ive been very busy producing some stuff, including an animated ident with cris which hopefully i will be able to share with you all some time in the future (it looks gangster, i mean a whole new level style!), so keep and eye on the blog, and dont forget to do your work for the red shoes, deadline is the 1st of april guys so get a move on!!!
peace out !!

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Real G's wear Red Shoes!!

its true, ask any real gangster they will tell you that you have to have a pair of red kicks, its a rule! and here are a collection of the finest G's in the illustration game, serving you up some of the good stuff, take a look over in my links in the side bar and get ur ass over to the red shoes collective blog and check out what's goin on! *Gun Shot!!!! YAAAH YAAAH YAAAH!*


yo wots good nukka's, welcome to my new blog! I've been promising Cris ima get this up and running for time now (this blog been here for like a year without a single post, im shameless lol), so here goes, this blog is gonna be a record of what im producing, some links to my collective exploits with the hommies in the "red shoes" and a genral visual diary of Renaldho, in short a mess of a whole lot of nonsense. This my 15 minute freestyle (papoose style), so sit back relax and enjoy the view through the window to a Genius Urban Mind!

"I feel like a Mac standing around a bunch of PC's"

Im a .com!!!!!!!!!!! its official im part of www, finally after five years of Cris's nagging, failed designs, lack of inspiration and any other excuse that i can think of, i've made it to the Web! my new site is the culmination of years of attempts to get a site which i felt really expresses me and what im about as an illustrator, and does so in a way which compliments the way in which i work. Its a very proud day for me, im completely happy now with the fruits of my labor and ready to show the world what makes my mind tick.... so people take a trip over to and have a look at how i see the world!