Sunday, 21 February 2010

Real G's wear Red Shoes!!

its true, ask any real gangster they will tell you that you have to have a pair of red kicks, its a rule! and here are a collection of the finest G's in the illustration game, serving you up some of the good stuff, take a look over in my links in the side bar and get ur ass over to the red shoes collective blog and check out what's goin on! *Gun Shot!!!! YAAAH YAAAH YAAAH!*


yo wots good nukka's, welcome to my new blog! I've been promising Cris ima get this up and running for time now (this blog been here for like a year without a single post, im shameless lol), so here goes, this blog is gonna be a record of what im producing, some links to my collective exploits with the hommies in the "red shoes" and a genral visual diary of Renaldho, in short a mess of a whole lot of nonsense. This my 15 minute freestyle (papoose style), so sit back relax and enjoy the view through the window to a Genius Urban Mind!

"I feel like a Mac standing around a bunch of PC's"

Im a .com!!!!!!!!!!! its official im part of www, finally after five years of Cris's nagging, failed designs, lack of inspiration and any other excuse that i can think of, i've made it to the Web! my new site is the culmination of years of attempts to get a site which i felt really expresses me and what im about as an illustrator, and does so in a way which compliments the way in which i work. Its a very proud day for me, im completely happy now with the fruits of my labor and ready to show the world what makes my mind tick.... so people take a trip over to and have a look at how i see the world!