Tuesday, 9 August 2011


E4 city attack. from Cristian Ortiz on Vimeo.

The city is burning!!!! nukkas are getting thier civil disobedience on! like a war zone out here, some people just got too much time on their hands. Well in keeping with the theme of attacking the city, here is a collaborative animation that i recently completed with Cris and Jack From Lotus papaya animations, it was a short clip for the estings animation competition ( which we failed to get short listed for >>> i kno WTF???? ) but check it out anyway


"No Hay Nada Mas" - Villian

What up nukkas, no apologies for not posting for you, if you out dere then you ain't showing love coz you haven't holla'd at ur boy ... and with the nothingness of that in mind, i give you "No Hay Nada Mas."